Mahakaleshwar Temple UJJAIN

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In fact it is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which are supposed to be the most sacred abodes of Shiva. Located in Ujjain, the temple is situated on the side of the Rudra Sagar lake with the presiding deity of Shiva in the lingam form also known as Swayambhu. The idol of Mahakaleshwar is known to be dakshinamurti, which means that it is facing the south, which is a unique feature among the 12 Jyotirlingas. The images of Ganesh, Parvati and Karttikeya are installed in the west, north and east of the sanctum sanctorum. To the south is the image of Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva.Shri Mahakaleshwar is the most important temple in Ujjain city and is also famous for its Bhasm Aarti.


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Mahakal Bhasm Aarti and Mahakal Paid VIP Darshan can be booked online. 


Important Days

Mahakaleshwar Parva Panchanga

No Month Fortnight Tithi Particulars
1 Chaitra Dark Fifth Ranga Panchami, Phaga and Dhvaja - Pujana
2 Chaitra Bright First New Samvatsara celelbration and Panchanga - Pujana
3 Vaisakha Dark First Jaladhara for continuous two months
4 Vaisakha Bright Third (Akshay – Trtiya) Jala-mataki Phala-dana
5 Jaishtha Dark Naksatra Parjanya Anusthana for eleven days
6 Ashada Bright Guru Purnima Special Srngara on the advent of month. Chaturmasa Begins
7 Sravana Dark Every Monday Sawari
8 Sravana Dark Amavasya Dipa-pujana
9 Sravana Bright Naga-Panchami The Darsana of Naga Chandresvara
10 Sravana Bright Purnima(the full-moon day) Raksha-sutra Parva, Bhoga and Srngara
11 Bhadrapada Dark Every Monday uto Amavasya Sawari
12 Bhadrapada Dark Eighth (astami) Janmastami celebrations after evening arati
13 Asvani Dark Eleventh(Ekadasi) Uma-Sanjhi festival begins
14 Asvani Bright Second (dvitiya) Final day of Uma-Sanjhi festival
15 Asvani Bright Tenth (Dasmi) Vijaydasmi Parva, Sami Pujana and Sawari
16 Asvani Bright Full moon day Sharadotsava and distribution of Ksira in midnight
17 Kartika Dark 14th day (Chaturdasi) Annakuta
18 Kartika Dark Amavasya Lighting of lamps on the Deepavali festival
19 Kartika Bright Every Monday Sawari (Procession)
20 Kartika Bright Baikuntha Chaturdasi Harihara-milana (Processions)
21 Margasirsha Dark Every Monday Sawari
22 Pausha Bright Dhana-Samkranti (Ekadasi) Annakuta
23 Magha Dark Basant Panchami Special Puja
24 Phalguna Dark Mahashivaratri Mahotsava, Special Pujana and Abhisheka
25 Phalguna Bright Second (Dvitiya) Darsana of five-forms of Siva (Pancha Swarupa)
26 Phalguna Bright Full-moon day Holika festival after Sandhya arati