Madhya Pradesh first Heritage Rail at Palatapani-Kalakund Ghat section on the Mhow-Khandwa meter-gauge.

Palatni-Kalakund railway track's Ghat section, here will be the Heritage Train.  Mhow / Ratlam | In the Palatapani-Kalakund Ghat section on the Mhow-Khandwa meter-gauge track built for the 142-year-old British era, Heritage Rail will run from December 25. This will be the first heritage rail route of MP. For this, the Palatpani, Kalakund and Mahu stations are being stored. An extra platform has also been built near Palatapani Waterfall, Tantya Mama Temple. Where the train stops, tourists can enjoy the beauty of natural beauty. In the coaches of the tourist, in the heritage rail, a 360 ° moveable camera is also installed and a screen inside. Through this the tourists will be able to see the outside scenes of the natural scenes. In the coach, the LED has been installed for the passengers so that they can see the outside view. The animals of this type are made of old things on the Palatapani station. 

Charges to experience MP's first Heritage Rail.

In order to sit in the first three queues of the fixed glass coach, people will have to pay Rs. 240 per person to Kala Kund from Mhow and Rs. 210 per person from Palatpani to Kalakund. The rest of the seven queues will be Rs 200. The cost of sitting in the SLR coach with the back guard will be only 20 rupees.


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